Friday, February 25, 2011


 two cloths, one silk, above, one cotton, below 
eco dyed from eucalyptus leaves sent all the way from oakland california, 
a gift from aimee.
this week off work/school i have thought much about intention. 
barry has a series of sculpture based on the concept of choosing a daily intention.
this week my intention was purely selfish.
to travel, learn, and enjoy. to be in a BIG city, to improve my skills.
and what was this turkey's intention?
how do the the animals navigate the intricacies of thought?
two new little skeins
i am planning a small woven sampler now, there i've said it!
woven photograph of a stack of sheets
and paper making is calling.
patti roberts-pizzuto profiled me this week. please take a look. 
and take a look at her work while you're there.
it's good.
one more intention: india flint has challenged folks to donate cash to the earthquake recovery in new zealand. if you donate, you might also get a piece by her. take a look there, too. and make a donation. i'm going to. another intention.


Valerianna said...

beautiful cloths, and strong intentions... .... a gaggle of turkeys visited this morning.... silently bobbling their way through the edge of the forest - follow the leader seems their game.

jude said...

things are so woven together here lately.

Velma said...

aren't turkey's just so...entertaining?

and jude, woven and more woven.

ronnie said...

love the woven photo.....

and I'm sure can smell the eucalyptus all the way over here!

Velma said...

ronnie, the photo is the first--i've done two or three others, much finer.
and i ordered some eucalyptus from our local florist...just because i have to try some NOW.

Fiona Dempster said...

Lovely ponderings, images cloth and intentions Velma - something about mindfulness for me I htink. Loving that cloth. Sigh. Just got the call for the plane - have to fly !

aimee said...

YAY. so happy for you, for everything that is unfolding!

Lynn said...

Beautiful, all of it. (And I think "woven" has just become my inspiration-word for the time being.)

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