Tuesday, February 15, 2011

wings and heart

this woman is special. one day, when ian was 15 and hannah 12, we ended up in her shop, warwick press, unannounced. i'm sure that was a surprise, to put it nicely. we were visiting prep schools where i thought ian might find a scholarship (he did, but not a full one). i had been writing to her for several years. so we met. 

how did that happen? well, i ordered a book called once upon a time, book two. and fell in love with her storytelling, her drawing, her quirky sense of humor. yesterday when i got home from work, this card was in my mailbox. it's a drawing of a figure that hangs in her kitchen (and that kitchen is a very important place). i think they are sisters. carol j. blinn, proprietor of warwick press, and a little figure, made by anonymous (who was a woman) who has wings AND a heart.

carol is one of a handful, a very full handful, of special friends, mostly women, who have, at times, saved my life.


Anonymous said...

wings and a heart and stripey tights. I think a person could fly almost anywhere with that combination.

Valerianna said...

Cool, I just went to Warwick Press site and was intrigued by this gem of a woman, then discovered that lives just a few towns away. I;m so glad to know she's there!

Velma said...

jean, YES!
the other v-go and meet her!

Barry said...

V-we all need lifesavers - good to keep them in our lives - especially the talented ones. B

Velma said...

i am very lucky--it was snail mail with carol, and now it's email (and blogging) that connects me to some new others. lucky me!

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