Tuesday, February 8, 2011

pink and green and snow

 outside over there
some snow. ha! much snow!
inside right here
there is a bit of color from mama nature in my kitchen.
leftover from last summer. 
this has cheered me first with hope and now with real
a secret? i rinse out milk cartons with a cup or so of water, empty in here. 
south light, and lots of drinks.
and hope.


Anonymous said...

aren't you clever--they're thanking you for tender love and care.

DIAN said...

How lovely to have something pretty when the weather is so cold.

neki desu said...

lots and lots of snow!!thank goodness for those pink babies

Margaret said...

Your petunias make me smile. In my south window? Geraniums!

jude said...


Velma said...

they mean a lot to me surprisingly!

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