Tuesday, September 13, 2011

backyard, frontyard

 back yard
front yard
 two silver buttons, 
waiting for string
the back of one above
thank you roz.
since school has begun
i'm a bit busy
missed yoga
but getting a few things done.
dyeing silks
goldenrod and rose leaves and wild grape
and indigo
a little cauldron
the end of the indigo harvest
just in time
frost is in the weekend forecast
a zine to welcome the intertime of autumn
pleases me
and yesterday and today news:
a papermaking student from the northwest, jan,
 sent me lovely words
and a dyeing student, 
also from there, jenny
sent me a wonderful postcard: 
a print of usnia and dyed with the same
labor day weekend was amazing with a houseful
a coven
healing and resting
and stitching and making energy.
wild grapes from the frontyard, 
look like the backyard,
on three layer silk
and then there's
today's surprise.
(when i can get blogger to listen
to my request,
i will share that, too.)
it's working into a storm.
wendy is restless.
i have a thing or so to do, before suppertime.


fabriquefantastique said...

the sunset is almost surreal.....good luck with blogger

aimee said...

oh, MOON. love that you keep working.

ronnie said...

your little pots of goodness are so inspiring! every time I see another bundle unwrapped I ache to give it a go....

Velma said...

f, it was amazing, and the little canon struggled valiantly!
a, plugging away a bit at a time
r, it's great when i use paper, and the silks are for a BOOK!

roz said...

and really there were 3 silver buttons...the third deciding to hide till i got home again !
check your mailbox coz soon it will be with you too
thanks so much v

Velma said...

r, oh, my, i will be haunting my mailbox!

Fiona Dempster said...

A cornucopia of delightful moments and bundles of joy! It makes me happy.

Velma said...

f, i cannot believe my resiliency, even buoyancy, this school beginning!

iNd!@nA said...

us Sagittarians IS resilient and buoyant!!! [and before some well-meaning soul corrects me, yes, i know that should be "we" and "are"]

Valerianna said...

I'm usually rearing to go at the start of school... but this year, seems I've given away some of my resiliency. I'll look for it in the garden. Did you see the weather report? In my neighborhood, the "they" folks are saying that it will be JUST above freezing this weekend, so maybe picking dyeing things is a good idea....

neki desu said...

backyard indeed. fall colors in the storm

Velma said...

i, we is, indeed!
v, i feel very very lucky
n, the trees are just beginning their paint jobs, but the sky, yes, indeed.

Penny Berens said...

Glorious skies, Velma, and, oh, that moon.
Love, love, love the button...and a third is coming...wow!
Amazing how a school filled day doesn't just doesn't hold you back!

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