Tuesday, September 6, 2011

dazzled and jazzed

this is how it is for me now
even the beginning of school didn't dampen
my high spirits

part of the kyle and sally hartman's 
on a different route home 
"until next time, 
remember to fight blue-sky thinking wherever you find it, 
and to always live life with your head in the clouds."
gavin pretor-pinney 
the cloud appreciation society


Valerianna said...

Funky building.... and amazing sky. I definitely belong to the cloud appreciation society... definitely!

lynne h said...

i love this, velma... love the cloud appreciation society and your high spirits that weren't dampened by the start of school...


iNd!@nA said...

or by torrential downpours...

Velma said...

v-i love my membership!
l-me, too!
i-they plagued you, avoided us.

neki desu said...

how cool the cloud appreciation society!
lovely sunny mist-is that an oximoron?

aimee said...

THIS was the way to start the work year. the summer for you, what an awakening to your true life!

jude said...

happy September

Anonymous said...

sign me up for the cloud appreciation society. hang on to those high spirits - they are very precious. love the old building - it has a similarity to Ian's building drawings.

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