Sunday, September 18, 2011

the day

 large hands can manage a few boro stitches
boro and sundowners
(for you who know)  
 melissa reminded me
though she didn't know it
 there were a few seedpods left
 so i harvested a packbasketful
in the meadow
(the hill mist and i used to charge up,
jump a fence at the top,
continue on...another life ago)
noted: a large scat. coyote?
certainly canine-like
 then went to get some wild grapes
i've encouraged them in front of my house
for birds
for privacy
for pleasure
 for a bundle or two
or shifu dyeing
i may take a big chance 
dye a larger shifu cloth
what do i have to lose?


Penny Berens said...

Would love to be there to watch you with the shifu cloth.

Anonymous said...

what colour are you hoping for? I don't have dogbane - you're vegetation is quite different,I want it ALL. my cultivated grapes are just ripening - up last night chasing away the racoons. they're not well behaved!

Velma said...

jean, dogbane is for papermaking. but its purples and reds are let loose in the cook, so i'll add some bundles. just to see!
wendy will bark at raccoons, but those little people can be fierce!

jude said...

lose? what is that?

Velma said...

jude, i don't want to make a mess. even though it's a small cloth, it's still hours of work.

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