Thursday, September 8, 2011

months without r

 in the mail 
 about healing
 making paper
 and books
(in a month without an r)
 slippery elm
 using felcos
 being assisted
dear friends
working together
one to mark time,
one to heal wounds,
two together,
three together


aimee said...

SO happy to have made a version just for you. that's as much as i can handle, edition-wise! :)

ronnie said...


neki desu said...

the dog has such character and the friends look so jolly.

Velma said...

a-speechless. it touches me deeply every time i hold it.
r-it is!
n-aimee, in a few marks, captures so much

Barry said...

V-amazing gift - how energising and inspiring. B

jude said...

i love this!

Anonymous said...

simply touching!

Velma said...

b, aimee is the BOMB!
j, happy
j, i get all teary over this one-

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Lovely love book.
Months with an "R" are good for oysters....

ArtPropelled said...

A gift of a simple handmade book is healing .... especially when made from handmade paper.

Velma said...

l, is it just perfect!
r, and we made the paper together!

mjc said...

I love this (and all three in it. and what they each do).

Velma said...

m, smiling!

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