Saturday, September 3, 2011

libraries are essential. 
when i was in seattle, 
one talk i gave was held at the undergraduate library 
on the university campus. 
i had been traveling. i was jet lagged. 
i walked in with three friends, and i was at home. 

i love that here in the north country 
there are tiny libraries in most communities. 
here in the wilderness, words. 
two local libraries share the fire station, 
 russell and in cranberry lake.

in edinburgh 
there is a mysterious artist 
supporting libraries through guerilla art. 
go HERE to read the story.

hannah just had her birthday, 
and is in the mls library science program at simmons. 


ArtPropelled said...

The Mysterious Paper tree caught my attention and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing more work by this artist. I followed the link to Flickr from there. Thanks for posting.

aimee said...

those first three words are ones i live by. what would we do w/o libraries? that's why i was so sad when i was in belfast. the govt thought that the best way to start austerity measures and make budget cuts was to close down the libraries. so sad and misguided.

happy birthday to hannah!!

Patricia Sahertian said...

libraries have always been my life line. what a great post.

ronnie said...

its a small world - and the pebble of those scottish anon library works have made ripples that have been noticed from afar (I've stumbled over pics and words of the pieces along the interweb) .... ahhhh here's art once more taking its place to inspire, amaze, create wonder and mystery... and NOT to create profits for a corporatised art system.... BRAVO to the mystery maker... and BRAVO, BRAVISSIMO for books and libraries!

Barry said...

V- big thanks to those who keep the little local libraries alive and at the heart of community. B

Velma said...

r-isn't it wonderful! so positive
a-and you grew up next to a library. how great is that.
p-thank you!
r-who even uses the deaccessioned library books!
b-i know you give *much* to your library

onesmallstitch said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah. Wonderful link, can't imagine life without a library.

layers said...

As I live north of Seattle I am sorry I missed out on your visit.. and I lived in my library in college and now have one in my home.

neki desu said...

tank you for the wonderful, wonderful link!!!
we've been blessed with/by a new library in our neighborhood.

Deb G said...

As I was picking up the library books that I had requested on Saturday I told my mom that getting a library card was one of the best things I've done in the last couple years. We need to use our libraries if we want them to survive I think...

jude said...

happy birthday to hannah. i would love to start a library.

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