Sunday, September 18, 2011

caring through change

 it seems that caring
is good work
something to continue
to do
as worlds change
 in fall we gather
together thinking collecting
for the big change coming
i count on farmers to grow food
i gather at the market
my indigo dries in the garage
i am counting on color 
to fortify this winter
and the caring i found
through this strange interspace
you friends over there in the other world 
are in spring
while we are shedding the excess
waiting for snow
keeps me connected
i wove last night
after winding balls of lokta
from a skein
 stayed up late weaving
a video anchored me
my fingers dancing
over the warp
lokta shifu square
four selvedges 
spun dry
needle woven
on the stump
i was a little part of this
which makes me happy


Anonymous said...

who knows what Eowyn's paper/book making will lead to - but she will remember the experience forever. what a charming book, the writing and drawings are perfect. love the shifu weaving, satisfaction in simplicity. not that making shifu thread is simple!

Velma said...

j, thank you. eowyn is one cool young woman. it's shifu done rough (think tina turner!), but it's all right with me.

Lynda Howells said...

love the square. just a quick is your finger? x lynda

ronnie said...

the tiny woven square is delightful!

hmmm 'caring through world change' makes a nice mantra to recite - not just as seasons change, but when we face worlds of uncertainty and upheaval....

Velma said...

r, thank you and YES!!!

Jeana Marie said...

Thank you for lending us a hand via the web, Velma. We are very thankful and I am sure your advice saved us from more than one muddled-up attempt. Thanks for helping me make Eowyn's first go a success.

Your shifu is awesome. I always think so, so mysterious to me!


Velma said...

j, you're quite welcome. it's important that kids experience success. and thankyou.

Barry said...

V- love Eowyn's story and how you could be part of it - I love it when we can pass on art gifts to children - who knows what they will do with it. And love the shifu loom and weaving. Go well. B

neki desu said...

gathering and sharing. caring and giving.
what delights await this child in discovering two crafts.
your woven square almost melted my heart!

Velma said...

b, it was so cool to be the advisor!
n, thank you!

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