Wednesday, September 28, 2011


 some pale markings
(a little over exposed)
saying goodbye
to friends
to flowers
and welcoming changes


kaiteM said...

going into the season of dark while we go into the season of light

Velma said...

ahh, but once it gets very dark, we will have light on the ground, poor (wo)man's fertilizer.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to me how much your environment looks like ours even though you live in the east and we are in the west. It's beautiful! Isn't it? Love this time of year! Even though things are dying and decaying everything is amazingly beautiful!

Barry said...

V-blogging has made me so much more aware of the moods of the globe. Over here we are also dropping leaves but that is because the new buds of some trees are pushing the few remaining winter leaves off; we are bursting with new life. Fiona's comment on one tree this morning was that the new green was so intense it almost seared the eyeballs. Go well as you move into autumn-winter. B

Els said...

Aaaah Velma, the change was there already, loooong before we noticed ....

Velma said...

margaret, i have wondered about that when looking at your photos...maybe it's our northerliness?
barry, those spring greens can exhaust me with their vibrancy
els, yes, yes

jude said...

feeling a bit overexposed myself

Valerianna said...

I'm with Jude, I feel overexposed and much like the black-eye susans. Somewhat frayed and the edges. Are you getting INTENSE and even SCARY rain today?

Filamental said...

Lovely blog, lovely photographs, and you sound like you were a good friend.

Velma said...

j, sigh
v, yes, sorry
f, thanks

Lynda Howells said...

om..been ill and so am only now catching up on my favorite blogs. Autumn is coming to london the colour changes but hate the dark evenings when the clocks change!!!!!!
just to let you know that my main Art/life blog is now
hope to see you there some timexxlynda

Velma said...

l, thanks for checking in-hope you are feeling well. looks good over at chocolatelifeandjazz

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