Friday, September 30, 2011

a day of watching

 on the way home thursday
these amazing beasts were up high, 
i barely found the camera,
they were actually quite close and massive 
they're heavy horses
 wendy is better today
staying close by, 
checking in,
looking for my lead 
in between all the crazinesses after work 
a package lay 
 and has given comfort
 and more comfort
i lay my hands on this
and i could feel the stitched love
and so
a little piece of dyed shifu 
went to visit.
she's doing well on the meds.
and i am well
upheld by a great cloud of caring
and one phone call meant so much.


Anonymous said...

I do hope Wendy gets better - she has a lovely gentle face, and can imagine what a loyal friend she is. Our dogs give us so much..

kaiteM said...

i'm pleased to hear that wendy is improving, our dogs are so dependent on us and we are so dependent on them. give her another pat from me.

Suzanna said...

So glad Wendy is feeling better...

ArtPropelled said...

Lovely layers of stitched fabric. Hoping that Wendy continues to improve daily.

Cait Throop said...

Fiber, Wendy, horses...such comfort. xo

nandas said...

i am so glad you came over and got me out of my head... and so glad to visit here again. such a lovely place... and sorry to hear that wendy has been ill. sick animals are so heartbreaking because they can't really tell you what it is. i just love your work and your eye that sees horses and wants to save their image... thank you velma.

Gardener in the Distance said...

Velma, you're doing as well as anyone could. I don't know how you feel about this, but all life to me is connected to its Creator, and if our feelings towards life that is in transition are of love, nothing can go wrong.

Velma said...

p and k, indeed they are best friends
s, it's looking good today
r, do you recognize that stitching?
c, those horses just loomed up there, high on 68 and i got the camera barely. they are up there every once in a while. comfort indeed
n, ahh, the in your head thing. wendy is good for bringing me back to the present moment
f, yes, love, you're right

Fiona Dempster said...

Lovely to learn that Wendy is trackingOK - and a joy to be touched by some loveliness in amongst the worry.

Velma said...

i feels SO good to see her plucky and playing (some) instead of just getting by. she is responding to the meds.

Deb G said...

Was just catching up on your posts and read about Wendy. So glad to hear she is getting better.

Velma said...

thanks, deb

Jeana Marie said...

Good news! I hope Wendy continues to get better :)

Velma said...

she's good today, jeana

jude said...

hug wendy for me.

Velma said...

i have, jude, and she's sending many kisses to you.

Long Ridge Farm said...

my thoughts are with you and Wendy. BIG HUG!

Marilla said...

So glad to hear that Wendy is getting better and the meds are working. What a beautiful package to receive just when you needed it too-it's amazing how horses can bring comfort, even from a distance.

Velma said...

nancy her energy is back! elderly b.c. energy, that it! she's doing some pacing--a little bored
marilla, so great to see you this week! and thank you, horses amaze me with their presence...these three totally surprised me!

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