Saturday, October 1, 2011

wednesday morning

 foggy morning
by the river
my thoughts are clear
coyote tries to muddle me
but i won't play that game!
so it's foggy
so it's autumn.
i have work to do
that i love.
there was a wee interruption
after the morning of fog
now, i'm sitting on the floor
hanging out with wendy, 
sending healing energy
i brought this home to read 
she rests
and i feel some peace
outside it's really autumn.
chilly, heat on inside.


Cait Throop said...

Ahhhhh, indigo, fog, rain and peaceful it is!

Valerianna said...

Yay for peacefulness. Here, too, other than more torrential rains, but Pasha is totally fine... phew! Cool looking book, and Wendy looks cutely spayed.

jude said...

foggy in many ways, right? she looks comfortable

Velma said...

sait, yes, it's peaceful
v, glad about his magesty
j, hearts everywhere, she is good today, a little bored. i'mso foggy

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Dark and raining here too. Warm cuppa, studio time. Later, soup and bread. A pat on the head to the four legged one.

kaiteM said...

all looks very safe, i was thinking about her this morning, wondering.
but i am mystified by the wednesday morning title?

ronnie said...

I've been thinking of wendy over the past few days..... through the week my sarah went on an excursion to meet a suitable boy..... she arrived too late and was in no mood for amorous adventures..... so I'll have to wait a while longer to be a puppy grandma.... (ps were your ears burning a few days ago? I visited beautiful silks in melbourne and the natural dye symposium came up in conversation...... sigh.... it sounds SOOOO great....)

Velma said...

l, pat given
k, well, the first photos were from earlier in the week, but i don't think it was wed. maybe tues?!
r, wendy is having a bit of a rough patch tonight, but i think it's done. i am SO looking forward to nature's colours next year.

Barry said...

V- beautiful soft fog photos - sounds like a good interruption. Nice to be inside in the warmth keeping an eye on W. Go well both of you. B

Velma said...

b, thank you for that, o taker of amazing photos!

lee said...

a pat for the pup, a hug for you, more rain for all of us...

Anonymous said...

the indigo book looks interesting. HUGS to you and Wendy.

Velma said...

lee, thanks, and happy birthday!!!
jean, haven't read it, have another book to finish first. we can use those hugs! not a good night/day.

neki desu said...

virtual pats to wendy. good girl!!

Velma said...

thanks, neki

kaiteM said...

i'm still checking in on Wendy, kisses on the fur for her.

Catherine Alice said...

sorry to hear about Wendy. Hope she (and you) are feeling better.

Virginia said...

Thinking of you today and wishing you & Wendy many more fine walks together this year and onward. Her peaceful enthusiasm shines through into all your communications about her.

Velma said...

kaite, catherine and ginny, wendy is stable for now. doing better this afternoon, much better than yesterday.

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