Wednesday, October 5, 2011


dr. thompson has given the thumbs up to wendy. 
she also said she would see us in six months.
six months!
a couple of days ago
 she would have been lucky 
to have six days.
 she has been given permission
to walk again
so we will go to the woods, soon, valerianna
and visit lampson falls
our old, favorite place
we have some more time together
i'm thankful.
and to all of you 
who have walked this one with us
many, many thanks
it really mattered.
i could feel the support
through the ethers.


aimee said...

YAY! i don't think i've ever seen wendy with a leash. but the connection between you in the shadow is perfect. more love on the way!

ronnie said...

oh good news! it takes me back to my previous best beastie (my sascha - a german shepard - well that was her disguise really, because she was really a wonderful old soul and my dearest furry friend) one day I came home, my sash had had a stroke and a heart attack... it was grim.... 'say farewells' I was told... I refused to say goodbye - and so too did my sash.... she recovered and stayed with me another year (before a snake encounter finally took her away from me)

a few weeks later my baby boyo was conceived..... and at his birth we gave him a derivative my sash's name....

I hope wendy continues to gain strength xx

Velma said...

aimee, we use the leash on walks up to the side road. but it's really unnecessary. except when we visit the vet! she did use to sneak off now and again.

ronnie, thank you for that story. i didn't know what to think, other than i couldn't bear to have her in pain and fear.

Diana Angus said...

We lost our yellow lab to cancer two years ago. We don't want you to lose Wendy if she still can be healed. Still sending positive thoughts to you and Wendy. Glad you have a good vet, too.

Valerianna said...

Oh great news.... off to the woods with you, then! I'd go with you if I didn't have to get in the car for a long drive first. On my woods walk tomorrow, I'll send you both a toe-tickle through the roots of the old hemlock trees....

kaiteM said...

I'll let little charlie know the good news, he has been worried too.
it's funny, i always believe that everything can be healed with a good walk and it usually works. xox4w

Velma said...

well, kaite, we walked into the field just a little tonight, and my apple tree has amazing hard cider all under it

Serena said...

oh what a blessing. i've thought many times today of you and your friend and my cat, who is somewhere now....we affectionately refer to as Boca Raton.

many more sunny days and long walks.

onesmallstitch said...

oh, thank all the furry powers that be, each day a blessing. When I had to make the decision to end the family's border collie's suffering I was a "mature" student at UVic. I sat in class and cried all day.

Velma said...

thanks, serena, and it was a sunny day!
jean, i was trying to prepare for just that, and it was hard.

jude said...

i love how she is looking back

mjc said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray! And her happy sweet face, looking at you, shows that she knows it.

Marilla said...

Love Lampson Falls-a perfect spot for you and Wendy to spend time together. So glad to hear the news. My heart was breaking a bit for you and all the sadness you are coping with right now-this is good news indeed.

shiborigirl said...

thank goodness. makes me miss my ol' border who lived to the ripe age of 15. we now deal with a new younger dog who is currently on a play date with the neighbor's dog and has a "leash appointment" for a walk later on tonight...
good to hear the news!

Velma said...

jude, we are looking at each other a lot lately
melissa, hooray, indeed
marilla, can't wait to go
glennis, they are a terrific breed. i have a young dof in my life, but not in my home. exhausting!

Long Ridge Farm said...

to the woods you women!
always we know the days are precious.
live each one with vigor.
much love to you both.

Velma said...

thank you nancy, you know this road so well! love to you and your sweeties.

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