Saturday, October 29, 2011

almost halloween

this lazy fall
has turned to ice
this heron
spotted in the adirondacks today
waiting late before it's journey
struggled as it waded 
onto thin ice
losing balance
regaining balance
was difficult and so, i assume,
was the fishing
later today
in a parking lot
 rattletrap truck
does he think this  
 is in anyway attractive?
later still
i had a tiny healing nap after the chaos of shopping
and found i had forgotten the mail
(i never forget the mail)
which i fetched after a lovely phone chat
with my dear friend wendy
a book about being sick
a way of acknowledging 
just being in this place
with my healing dog
from aimee


Anonymous said...

ahahaha i love that this garnered a
"balls" label.

what a lovely gifted book about being sick.

i think waterfowl are so majestic even when they appear a bit tipsy.

Velma said...

serena, i just had to. anything to get a giggle (from myself, too), the heron really struggled on the ice, and it should decide to fly away SOON!

Valerianna said...

Ice is one thing.... are you getting clobbered with snow as we are? We have over a foot and its suppose to go on all night!! Beautifully colored book. I have 2 cords stacked as of today and yesterday... but 2 under tarps and piled on top with snow. Yuck!

I've seen those balls before. Can't say I;m at all impressed!

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to see what else gets labeled as "balls" in the future.

it got a rather loud snort from me.

Gardener in the Distance said...

i love the blue of your kettle and the hesitation of the heron and the grey book

aimee said...

that is amazing, the image of the legs, already head is gone in the direction of flight. so very something *you* could capture! i can't believe you had the stomach to even photograph that car! and i knew you would appreciate the book, so i made it for you (and wendy)! much love, always.

Velma said...

v, the snow is NOT falling, but it's uber cold. those balls...shocked, actually!
s, snort away!
f, that heron, a great blue, was far away and my canon worked hard to capture it in the flat morning air. but the awkwardness as it tried to manage the ice fascinated me, and then it turned and flew beautifully away. they are so huge!

Velma said...

aimee, i couldn't get over that guy. m. said are you going to photograph it and i said, yep.
and *love*

Anonymous said...

oh, Aimee is a darling. my news weather shows you are getting buried in the white stuff, are you ok?? those are going to be mighty cold balls!

Velma said...

no snow here, jean, we're just cold. it's not even predicted here. south of us is what's called the snow belt.
and they're not even brass, the driver could be a monkey, but they have better manners, i think

Hoola Tallulah said...

A sweet Mr Heron and his icy struggle, we get herons here too, such graceful birds, when we see one heading skywards the family and I always stop and point, silently watch, there goes Mr Heron, for some reason it's always a Mr. Love the sick book.

Barry said...

V- what a beautiful way to catch the winter transition- the late bird and the ice in a tea pot. The 'balls' on the vehicle just say how small am I. Love that the mail brings loving energy. Go well. B

ArtPropelled said...

...and they're not even brass....I had a fit of the giggles. Herons always intrigue me...The graceful S-shaped neck and the way they walk... and fly. What a thoughtful person Aimee is. Love the book!

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Velma - we had a heron moment this week as well - in tropical north QLD; funny that we share that bird across the miles and seasons. I laughed at the balls - I mean, honestly...
Stay well

Velma said...

h.t., herons are so strange and beautiful.
barry, i wondered what the "male contingent" of blog readers would make of that weirdness. my token male was oddly amused.
robyn, i mean, really! the book has healing in it, for sure
fiona, a heron flew right over my house recently, it felt like s/he *just* cleared the roof. they are BIG. and it called, while it flew. they're called mud hens locally.

kaiteM said...

ha, a sharp file would put him out of his misery!
on another matter, that blue pot is stunning. an Aussie satin bowerbird would desperately want it for his bower, it's exactly the right colour trophy. a much more attractive invitation than the grey metal drip.

Velma said...

kaite, a bowerbird may use this, but it has to visit the north country.

neki desu said...

at first i thought nahh. then i realized oh yes.
adds a new dimension to the phrase frozen balls.

Velma said...

neki, what can i say???!

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