Monday, October 3, 2011

monday report

to everyone who has put love and energy
 into the ethers for my little border collie, 
there is good news, 
she is stable for now
last night hannah came home 
to visit her pup
she sat down and began to pet 
sleeping wendy, speaking quietly,
and wendy awoke
 and there was joy all around!
 wendy went back to see the vet today
more tests, 
more discussion, more tweaking the meds
and she's certainly got a heart disease
and a kidney infection
but is now eating again
she slept last night under a cloth
made of love
which i know helped
thank you jude
i'm doing well, 
though i wasn't too together in school.
but we will be fine.
thank you all.


aimee said...

more love more love as much as we can send your way. eating again! what a relief. that picture of your two girls, precious.

Valerianna said...

Sweet dog joy, and sweet healing cloth... love, the fabric of life.

Fiona Dempster said...

A joyful reunion! Lovely that she was energised by Hannah's visit and hoping that she continues her recovery, and adjusts to all the bibs and bobs...

Leslie Avon Miller said...

very good news. So glad to hear it.

Diana Angus said...


Anonymous said...


lotta said...

lovely photos. great news and lots of happiness for Wendy, you, and Hannah.

mjc said...

I'm with Aimee...

kaiteM said...

hugs all around and joy. may she continue to heal.

Velma said...

everyone, thank you. she ate breakfast this morning (mind you, it's special yucky gourmet canned dogfood and hamburger hiding her heart med) but she did eat it. we have a long way to go, and maybe the road will be short, but it's no longer a crisis.

kaiteM said...

thankyou for keeping us all in the picture, xox to w.

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures of Hannah and Wendy, Hannah's visit is good medicine for both of you.

Velma said...

kaite, thanks for being there, i feel such support
jean, hannah really made a big difference for us both.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. I visit here from time to time and definitely understand the affections and deep spiritual love of a pet friend.

As reading before you mentioned anything I was going to ask about her cat had issues with it about 6 months before she died at 18 years old.

She too stumbled and struggled. Lots of love and good thoughts. I hope she gets well fast with both her ladies tending her.

Velma said...

serena, welcome, and thanks. her heart disease is so advanced that several other things were quite compromised. this just snowballed. the kidney infection may be disease, and not curable.

Virginia said...

:) This is good news. I'm still wishing Wendy many more pasture walks. It is sunny this morning, I hope it lasts into afternoon and that the two of you can enjoy a bit of it together.

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