Tuesday, October 25, 2011

moaner groaner

that's me
groaning and moaning 
i've had flu, and am 
getting better
five days and only 
a tiny stack of shifu pages
but i did get gorgeous wool gauze from 
long ridge farm (under the shifu bits)
 swathes of color (thank you barn & trees) have been like food
 and still the dogbane waits to be pulped
 today: a slim package
from trace
 she took my shifu 
and made a dye concoction
 and there's red.
and once again i'm photographing in light that washes out the color
there is actually richness, tones of burnt umber
i have no patience
to fuss 
these photos are pathetic
i made it through a half day at school today.
a book came from gary frost
but i couldn't wrap my fuggy mind around it
reading gary is always a treat
the man thinks 
about the bookness of books 
 7 pages
1 folio
5 sick days
i also purchased this
which i have only briefly looked at.
maybe tonight.
how have i made it through?
you tube and lewis on the macBook
yes, i'm an anglophile mystery nut
if i could be any heroine in fiction
i would be harriet vane.


Cait Throop said...

Oh Velma, the flu?? This early?? Please feel better! Your posts continue to intrigue. xo

ronnie said...

so many lovely things to look and think about - thanks for battling through your flu to share them all - I hope you are feeling better soon

Anonymous said...

no words are forming really....just hello. in a cocooning state of mind.
be well.

aimee said...

What a drag! But yay for indulging in Sylvia's book! She is pretty incredible; I still remember her drawings from grad school days and think it is so fabulous that she shares her skills like that. And the red! I would come over to nurse and entertain if I could but you are likely best off in Wendy's company. Big hugs for your recovery and don't feel bad about how much work you are doing or not doing!

Velma said...

cait, we seem to be sharing like good school kids. ick.
ronnie, thanks, tonight's a wee bit better
glennis, nice to hear your voice from the depths of multiple parenting
aimee, i'm a miserable patient! all these days, and nothing to show for it

Anonymous said...

it is necessary, sometimes to do nothing, and when we don't listen our body takes charge and slows us down. just sit, just look, just listen - you are doing something. that second picture is magnificent as are the shifu pages.

neki desu said...

hope you're feeling better. at least you're in good books hands.
xquisite shifu!. wool gauze sounds interesting, but couldn't find it listed at long ridge farm. where o where?

Velma said...

jean, thank you.
neki, try emailing and asking nancy...i think she got it through beautiful silks in australia. it's absolutely lovely stuff.

Valerianna said...

Hope you're doing better, wonderful textural post... even through your flu. I'm home today, exhausted and full sinuses, hoping NOT to get sick as everyone at school is. Sipping coffee by the wood stove, though I KNOW it should be nettle tea. That will come later.

I love all the inspiration in each photo in this post.... I wander into possibility with each... thanks.

Velma said...

val, how i know about sinusitis!. if i'm lucky i won't end up with one. thanks for the compliment-i was so miffed that i didn't get good color for trace's work.

Margaret said...

Velma, do hope you are feeling better by the time you see this post, and that the 'hooligans' are sympathetic to your plight! Cozy mysteries are definitely a way to...um...keep cozy when ill (or any time!)

Gary Frost is also the name of a Canadian painter, so it took me a moment to find your bookmaker, but what loveliness -- the 'bookness' of books!


Velma said...

margaret, thank you. gary is an amazing teacher and philosopher, and i have been lucky enough to attend a brief workshop. his board book kits are to die for. and his teaching collection--well!

Judy Martin said...

I agree with the writer of 'one small stitch'.
Sometimes you have to listen to your body and read mysteries in bed.

Artists are too hard on themselves. Because we love our work so much, we feel extra guilty when we aren't doing something.

You are very much in need of some nurturing. Find your best and most beautiful quilt or blanket, and go back to bed.

Long Ridge Farm said...

ohhhh bud, get better. what a bummer.
glad the gauze arrived as a bit of cheer.
now you are immune from the ickies!
wow! and my code word is dyeup!

Velma said...

judy, thank you. i need reminders, sometimes
nancy, the code is so right for you, us. i can't wait to use the gauze...

Morna said...

Such beautiful images ... even though you say they are washed out ... the weave is so seductive.

Velma said...

thank you morna, and thanks for sparking me to take a look at this several month old entry!

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