Sunday, October 23, 2011

 last thursday the light show after school was amazing
 hooligans and staff alike were anticipating friday, 
they had a day off
we had "staff development"
i couldn't capture the sky, 
the blues and wildness
were almost fearful
friday's huge headache morphed into a cold
all weekend i have been taking things easy
feeling under the weather
my friend mark is a letterpress printer, 
and this gift is appropriate
for a nasty cold, saps energy, leaves chills and fever,
aches and pains
and fog for brains
i love letterpress 
 the maples are almost bare
 there is still a great deal of green in the landscape
not much happening for me
rest and lemon/ginger/honey 


aimee said...

oh, velma! i hope you rest this one out and the ickiness passes quickly. but the landscape, the colors, textures, all of it, remind me of your work so much. of course. hugs! and maybe a dash of whisky with the hot potion? :)

ArtPropelled said...

Hot lemon/ginger/honey is always a comfort. Hope you feel better soon.

ronnie said...

your headache and storms have both made an appearance here (you'd think that big ocean would act as a moat....)

rest and drink up

Anonymous said...

so that's what develops from "staff development". I vote for Aimee's idea. Wonderful pictures. Take care of yourself.

iNd!@nA said...

good to see Wendy on patrol...

Jennifer Hammer said...

I hope you feel better soon!
I love your sky pictures.

Velma said...

it's day four and i'm feeling like i could get better. thanks everyone. this one's left me w/o energy

Virginia said...

Get well soon. I don't know if it is my thumb injury or some as yet unannounced viral infection or just my body feeling the inevitable tilting of the earth but I am also feeling sapped of strength and energy. Rest up. Enjoy the performance. :)

Judy Martin said...

I think you should retire.

Quit with the hooligans.

Find your own quiet.

Velma said...

if i had a trust fund, i would. or a trust funder!!!

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