Monday, October 31, 2011


 i went to lake placid to my doctor today
and then on to keene valley
to take a look around
my finger's tendon is healed
there may be a wee bit more night splinting 
but it's strong and well
we stopped at the d.e.c. office in raybrook
my friend came, too
 and i scored this wonderful 
 hard outer cards on a wonderful map fold
 invasive species on one side
 and the part of new york 
i call home
on the other 
a good news day


aimee said...

YAY!!! very very good news.

Valerianna said...


fabriquefantastique said...

I like this post, honest and uplifting

Velma said...

YAY, INDEED! and the mountains were amazing in the cerulean.

ronnie said...

wonderful mountains! wonderful news (and booky/mappy thingy)

Hoola Tallulah said...

Lovely images, glad the finger is mending, what will you do with the map?

Anonymous said...

great news! you didn't put an X on the map for people like me. I love maps, I "papered" my living/dining room wall with marine charts - my kids show their kids where we sailed, where they caught fish and where I fell in.

ArtPropelled said...

Beautiful scenery! Glad your finger is strong and well.

kaiteM said...

at last, it's been a while. now perhaps to train it back to full strength.

Velma said...

ronnie and h.t.the map is spiffy. small and solid, it wants to fold back into itself.
jean, what is it about maps? i have a shoebox of retired air maps/charts that are lovely. thankfully i didn't fall in (out?) on them. canton is my address, but the word canton is actually on my location.
robyn, kaite, YAY. the doc was pleased and told me to stop being so moderate.

Fiona Dempster said...

Totally happy for you with that news V - and a great day all round by the sounds (and sights). Magic mountains and magic maps...

Barry said...

V- always good to get confirmation that our bits are working OK again - hope your tendons get stronger and full of healing vigour. Though I am not a paper person I and always intrigued by those intricately folded map things - so much info in such a small package. Go well. B

Velma said...

fiona and barry, these mountains hold their secrets, you have to walk deep...and there was snow on the slides...this map is so springy and strong, i think it has to do with the paper grain, the card stock covers (and their curved edges)...

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