Thursday, November 3, 2011


a new sign
between my land and the turn there are now three
this one's the tidiest

 a little detail
 not a tomb
 a cauldron 
a strange place
 barn extravagance
the canon


iNd!@nA said...

is it the lumber or the shed that is rough cut? or just the neighbour?

Velma said...

if it's the neighbor i think it is (and really there's no other sign-so who knows). the one with the big hole on the back of his land he's filling up with waste, including plastic kiddie equipment. did i mention illegally?

Valerianna said...

I'm smitten with the barn extravagance colors. And ick... not a good thing to stuff plastic kiddie stuff into a hole in the ground. I wish they would ban that stuff altogether - ugly, big, too much of it. GRRRRR.

Anonymous said...

oh, I hope there is a good amount of land between you and the neighbour. the grapes would be wonderful for dyeing.

Velma said...

valerianna, this man is, incidentally mr SOOO green. BAH, i say.
jean, i have done a bit. amazing on silk. too bad i'm so tired this time of year.

ronnie said...

that's one terrific sign! (but I prefer the grapes...)

deanna7trees said...

that cauldron might make a great dye bath.

anastasia said...

lovely photos, such inspiration in the natural weavings and textures. one can't choose ones neighbor (or family for that matter). hopefully, he's downhill from you!

Velma said...

ronnie, i eat them, they're sourer than sour
deanna, i've thought that, but it's full of larvae
anastasia, i have, however, new across the road neighbors that are wonderful. it works out.

leFiligree said...

hmmm...burying crap in ones yard makes it a difficult property to sell later on. is there anyway to inform him?

i do enjoy seeing fat blue grapes on barn red wood! and good thing taking photos takes less energy--i feel the winter energy zap now and then as well.

neki desu said...

lovely bunches against the red. your photo too.and i know it's straight up no photoshop geekery ;) LOL!!

Velma said...

lefiligree,, it was on the back side of a farm, one of those dumps that indicate "we've always done it this way". i was looking at the land because it was for sale.
neki-no photoshop, you're right. can't be bothered

Gardener in the Distance said...

More wonderful miniatures, 'miniatures', I mean particularly chosen images.
I wonder, do you paint at all?

Velma said...

faisal, i have, and i love painting, but not now. funny about miniatures, i often work in miniature. and i do see exactly as you describe. so perceptive of you!

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