Tuesday, November 8, 2011

so little

there is so little
after a day
of hooligans
 but before the day
the work day
there is
the magic
of fog
and warm
in november,
the bleak and bleary,
 (i have a secret)
this is my birth month
and i love the 
uncovering of the bones of the land


Valerianna said...

Oh, me too... its not my birth month, but I DO love the November skies and rusting land and how the essence of form appears. Yesterday morning's drive was full of low mists in valleys, stunning!

leFiligree said...

fog is so soothing, but maybe not for hooligans.

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

aye, there's beauty in the mist and enchantment in the vision

Velma said...

v, the mists here turned to heavy fog in the st. lawrence river valley, but here, etherial, there, murky
lf, they notice everything, and it's waxing moon, too
h, yes, and welcome

ronnie said...

all the way over this side of the pond I have the same early morning foggy sights (and the only hooligans are our own wee ones...)

Lynn said...

Such a beautiful capturing of this much maligned month.
(My birth month too.)

jude said...

fog here too.

Velma said...

ronnie, the fog lies so peacefully, yes?
lynn, hurrah-scorpio or sag?
jude, yes. so often we echo each other

JMB said...

Lovely post Velma!

Velma said...

thank you j,
(is it jay?)

Lynn said...

Scorpio, I'm afraid. You?

Velma said...

nope, lynn, sagittarius, way at end of the month.

Bonnie K said...

Oh I do remember the magic of the fog in the north country! And I do remember that we both are November Sagittarius babies! If my memory serves me correctly, a day apart from each other. Happy (early) B-day, Velma!

Velma said...

yes, bonnie, and happy day to you (early)

iNd!@nA said...

i love fog.

Velma said...

indie, big smiles

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