Tuesday, November 29, 2011

after and fuggish

thank you all,
i had a lovely birthday, 
beginning with a phone call just after 6 am. 
the day was overcast, but it was fine
a message came from aimee giving me permission 
(she wasn't the only one!)
the little back door garden had a surprise. 
blossoming on my birthday
today it's beginning to look more like winter, but it's just fog
a foggy, fuggy day at work
no matter
 yesterday was like this
calls from my kids, with *mail* coming today
and family, and friends checked in.
the cave of forgotten dreams was amazing
the artist(s) could draw. 20,000 to 30,000 years ago
lines were made with mastery.
they were rich, beautiful,
the 3-d glasses were not so fun. 
but i'm glad i went.


  1. Did you eat that flower? I would have. Happy Birthday!

  2. deb, HA! n, i froze it for ice flower dyeing in the dead of winter.

  3. everyday holds memories, sometimes big sometimes small, good to collect them all. rapture blooms

  4. happy bday. that flower is a present for later--when you might need it most :)

  5. celebration! (hope you had a WONDERFUL day!)

  6. henrietta, yes, that viola is rapture
    lF, (what is your name name???) you are so right.
    ronnie, it was super, low key, lovely.

  7. Glad you enjoyed your birthday Velma. I had to look twice at the top photo. At first I thought it was a beautiful piece of handmade paper.

  8. V- glad you had a good day for your birthday. I loved the dark reflective pool in the first photo - the branches of the trees on the black glassy background is special; and the sweet flower in such trying weather - a great gift. Go well. B

  9. few things equal a good birth day!

  10. cri-cri, yes
    robyn, i does look a bit that way, barry commented on it, too. it's a puddle in my driveway. no kidding.
    neki, you're right.

  11. shit, i'm slow, happy birthday...

  12. Lucky I got here just in time to wish you well in the next year of your life!

  13. Wait, you had a birthday??? Was there cake? and ice cream?? Big hugs from me to you!!

  14. thanks, susan!
    cait, NO! but there was chocolate! and shrimp and garlic and the cave of forgotten dreams at cinema 10. velma goes out at night!

  15. happy belated birthday Velma. sounds like you had a great day in many ways.

  16. o-oh, out at night! is that a once a year event?? glad you had a good B-day.

  17. yes i did, lotta
    jean, i go to bed way to early for nights out during the school week. now ask me if i want it to be that way!

  18. Oh, I sooo need to see that! Glad you liked it, I've heard the glasses are a bummer after a while......

  19. Happy belated Birthday!
    The Cave of Forgotten Dreams...can't wait to see that. Unfortunately our film society showed it while I was away and I need to find another way of seeing it.

  20. v,you will love it. love it.
    penny, you must see it!

  21. Velma, I also saw the Cave of Forgotten Dreams with a friend 3 weeks ago - phenomenal. Not sure what to make of the biosphere and albino aligators - weird! 3D glasses are awful. Belated Birthday Wishes.

  22. thanks, ingrid. yes, yucky, silly glasses.


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