Tuesday, November 15, 2011

marcel again

i could NOT wait to tell you all.
i ordered the book, too.
i love marcel
mostly because he is so unexpected
last summmer i heard two wild slugs eating.
 two students are working on books: one just made two star books.
the rainbow ribbon?
recycled from a present given me by a dear friend.
 she sat for the g.e.d. recently,
we're waiting for the news.
and some leaves have found home for the winter.
they're waiting for snow. 
it's fifty degrees out.
that's how this week has been.


Valerianna said...

Tomorrow I is the beginning of final projects in both of my classes, yikes time spirals on. In 2-D Design their final starts with learning to make books.. so tomorrow I teach the bookbinding workshop - stab binding and accordion, so my day will look much like the top photo. LOVE that rainbow star book, great. nite nite

Velma said...

v, i love love love teaching them about bone folders. j was so excited by the rainbow stars, and earlier this week m was thrilled to sew two pamphlets. their pleasure makes me so happy.

aimee said...

OMG!!!! Marcel the shell...TOO amazing!!! thanks for sharing. It was just what I needed.

kaiteM said...

Merissa's law - it happens to a lot of kids, too true. One of my friends made a book out of manilla folders which had been variously eaten by snails - she collaborated with snails from her garden.
Beautiful rainbow star.

Velma said...

isn't it wonderful aimee?
kaite, these two are loving the book structures.

Valerianna said...

I know that feeling! Lots of inspiration today in bookbinding workshop... now its up to them to make images and fill a book, they are excited. We have gluey bone folders after today... :(

Nancy said...

From the colorful star to the naturalness of the nest...dramatic beauty.

jude said...

oh i am just smiling now.

Velma said...

v, YAY!!!!
n, contrast is important
j, grin!

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