Monday, November 7, 2011

respite and wonder

early today
 grapes burdening a birch
two moons
slamming into the 
strangeness of
daylight savings gone 
big wind doing it's job
stars in the grass
 prickly like me
 of the many, 
only a few are touched with scarlet
 paper on the wind
my precious north woods


aimee said...

it is, certainly, a rude and abrupt change. but you document it all with such grace and generosity.

Velma said...

how lovely, aimee, thank you

Valerianna said...

Great seedpods... I was bowled over tonight by the incredible orange/pink sky on my drive home. I was ooo-ing and ahhh-ing all the way and storing the colors away in the image-file-memory-box and hope they will come out in paintings soon. The top photo has some lovely mauves in the sky.... November skies are something!

ronnie said...

gorgeous shots (so different from my landscape - so mysterious - so prickly!)

Velma said...

val, they will, and they will be amazing
ronnie, i can't wait to meet your so-far-away landscape

Anonymous said...

beautiful shots,you have captured the essence of change. my favorite colour time of year.

Velma said...

thank you jean. lovely to hear that.

Barry said...

V- so many reminders of winter coming. The photos of the seed pods are beautiful. B

Hoola Tallulah said...

Beautiful images, there may not be as much colour in winter, but the pale, muted, fading winter light is so ethreal and pretty, you captured it perfectly.

Lynn said...

That's it; that's the turning. Gorgeous.

Velma said...

thanks, barry, aren't these pods great?
h.t. winter color makes me so happy
lynn, thanks. it is turning, after this indian summer, look out!

kaiteM said...

that last photo, the reflections with a layer of leaves - i could pause there and reflect for hours.
and daylight saving for you? haven't you just gone back to normal time? we've just gone into DS for Summer.

Velma said...

kaite, you're so right. i always get the name for things like this mixed up. i remember a character in a dorothy sayers novel calling it god's time. i've made the correction.

Alice said...

What beautiful photos. Stopped me in my tracks. You are an acute observer.

ramona said...

Very precious North Woods it is. Lovely, lovely nature.

Velma said...

constantly gobsmacked, alice, that's me. my kids will tell you so!
ramona, it's so amazing here.

JMB said...

The seed pods were my favorites, interesting balance between bright and muted during this remarkable season. Atlanta is afire with hot colors right now.

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