Thursday, November 24, 2011

fiber memory

there was a time in my life when i made many many baskets.
most were free form, woven from red osier dogwood.
they were so far from this work
by judy mulford
 i met judy mulford at a symposium.
even then, 30 years ago almost, she was inspirational, 
her work truly awesome.
this morning i enjoyed an interlude of snooping around the internet. 
one of the great pleasures of this is that i can see work that, 
living so isolated,
 i do not see.
 and today i found this image of a work by judy.
i cannot attribute this photo, please forgive me,
but i honor the maker.


Anonymous said...

you have snow? I have gale force winds and now, torrential rain.

Velma said...

j, just a bit left, but we got only 4 inches or so. are your hatches battened down?!

deanna7trees said...

that basket is magnificent. i googled Judy Mulford and am amazed by her work. thank you for mentioning her name.

kaiteM said...

there was an old woman - it's so rich with womanhood. what is the material i wonder, looks like metal of some type. beautifully woven.

Gardener in the Distance said...

Do you still ahve the dogwood baskets, Velma? It'd be nice to see them...

Lynn said...


Velma said...

deanna, her body of work is astonishing
kaite, it's fiber (maybe linen) on gourd and the figures are polymer (i think)
faisel, i have one left that has really really changed...i'll see if it's around
lynn, yep, wow.

leFiligree said...

thats a basket?! wow. and i love the basket shape of the rosehips

Velma said...

maybe a sculpture? her basketry is hard to define

Velma said...

but i bet the top figure section is a lid that is removable

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