Saturday, November 5, 2011

library jewelry

today and tomorrow are open studio days.
today i did grocery shopping and visited a couple artists.

bookwork of another kind:
 malcolm and mary ann owen
connects you to their library collection
broaches live in this *case*
a repurposed book
 all kinds of stories, er, jewelry
my favorite, besides the tiny reader necklace
 home construction detail
 and this is where that hand lives
keeping the beam honest.
it's good to visit other studios
because i feel very isolated
so much of the time
mary ann and malcolm?
books, libraries, stories hold them together, too
(ps their teapots and clocks are to die for)


Valerianna said...

Cool stuff, especially love that library necklace! Open studios - its been a long time since I've visit one, that's a good idea.

ronnie said...

su-weet! (but what is written on the note? - I read it as 'occupy preuepont' and even though I have no idea where or what a preuepont might be - the anarchist in me likes the general air of the 'occupy' movement....)

Velma said...

v, i had fun today
r, it's a bit of a joke, pierrepont is a tiny place, a crossroad and a swath around that, and even funnier it's pronounced peerpoint.

Anonymous said...

wonderful, creative, tiny "stuff. I love tiny stuff, makes you look closely. the re-purposed books are to die for.

Barry said...

V-absolutely wonderful - such creativity joined with such fun just lifts the spirits. Thanks for sharing. Go well. B

Velma said...

j, they do tiny in a huge way
b, i had a blast, you would LOVE malcolm's shop!

Els said...

Yes! great art work !!!!

Velma said...

els, indeed!

Fiona Dempster said...

V- thank you for sharing all of this - I love the little pieces; ADORE the presentation in the books - how absolutely fabulous! and the beautiful, stunning attention to detail in the house-build - I am in awe. Thanks!

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