Tuesday, November 22, 2011

good earth

iron in the earth
this is a strong colored earth i found
while walking in the woods
just a small spot
but a color unlike
all around it.
dyed sugar maple leaves 
many of us are interested* in how
color is imparted on cloth
on paper
from natural, non-poisonous sources
bloodroot on lokta
one of my favorites is bloodroot
which i source regionally and sustainably.
in other news
two out of three who took their g.e.d. exams passed
and one, one of them,
i will take a little credit for, 
that one could NOT write an essay
and he did it.
thanksgiving break. sorely needed.


  1. hooray, hooray! so. so. so. happy for your break.

  2. I know that earth colour... it would be right at home here at my creek..... and I know that small and fleeting feeling of teacher vindication.... enjoy both/all (ps I am about to go forth and try to impart colour on cloth and paper...... I feel v unsure of myself - but v. excited...)

  3. how I miss the good black NE dirt...that nasty orange is all we have here in GA...when buying carpets or furniture its smart to get georgia clay color...it stains everything it touches.

  4. aimee, YES!
    ronnie, it's ok to begin where you are, and play.
    deb, i remember a nasty red that all my nephews whites were stained, now, of course, i see that color differently.

  5. congratulations on the ged exams passes, they did good (and so did you).

  6. lovely earth colors here and have a very nice Thanksgiving.

  7. and that one that can now write an essay
    has had his life changed
    by you.....
    go you!

  8. colored earth, ask the dogon people from mali! happy t giving and congrats for the essay writer.

  9. V-I get the impression that some iron must lurk somewhere close to that puddle. Always impressed with your natural dying. Go well. B

  10. thanks, kaite!
    donna, thanks, and to you a good day.
    roz, that was indeed my influence
    neki, thanks, and i think i'm full circle back to mud pies
    barry, iron is very evident in the area, but in this location, only right here that i've seen.
    jude, and paece again. we need all we can get.

  11. Ah, dear sister, you reminded me of time along the Lower Niagara River with all my rug rats, trying to keep on top of things, unconcerned about clay-stained whites (now underwear comes in a wide variety of designs and colors...yeah for the parents of the world.
    I am ensconced with white...on the ground...in the trees...falling from the sky...a winter wonderland, indeed.
    And I am with #1 rug rat!

  12. claudia, those "whites"! were so funny, and mom so concerned!


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