Wednesday, November 16, 2011

what a supper...

...can do for one, when the day's been tough.
salad, toast, and a beer. with lime.
hump day: skewed
a workday that began with a visit
from the police
can never be a normal day
(whatever that means)
i keep wanting
this book to emerge
but i need a little space
and time
without so much
it is coming, a long, difficult, incubatiuon and labor


  1. oh, velma! you are living (and surviving! though it might not always feel so) through such difficult times. i was just thinking yesterday how much i miss your hugs. i wish you could give yourself one; they're very therapeutic. as for the slow-to-emerge book, the waiting is hard but i know it will be wonderful and just right when it finally gets the space to be.

  2. aimee, imagining your hug! two more days, a weekend, two more days then 5 days off. YAY

  3. My curiosity is peaked - about the start of your day, and my dinner for one is frozen Indian food from the co-op tonight, no beer with lime, though that sounds quite good about now. One blessing of my job, that hump-day is the start of my own scheduled work time, it used to be quite productive, before a crew of men came to play legos in the forest, but who's complaining!

  4. Oh, and ps, the most important words to say are that its good to feel the texture and see the earthy white against stark white in the last photo.

  5. oh gee whiz,sending mental HUGS. the shifu pages look so earthy, I want to touch them. I had curry pumpkin soup, warms the heart and hands - a full north Pacific gale has been blowing all day. wordpress is making upgrades, can't post a blog, so frustrating. they don't know not to fix things when they're not broke!take care.

  6. v, thanks, especially for that last bit.
    j, a gale and good soup. in fact that soup sounds heavenly. tomorrow, perhaps, wordpress will be back?

  7. sigh.... I do know what an impact some nasty work-work can have on the soul....

    (ps I've discovered that looking at pics of your flaking red paint works wonders for me.... ditto stumbling over treasured textured pages... no matter their state of completion)

    sending hugs over the water

  8. but isn't it good that you have such a place to escape to at the end of each day and such a beautiful craft to find your self in.

  9. Der V- work-work is a challenge in so many ways- you seem to get some extra-special challenges! I love the shifu book and know that it will emerge beautifully from this cocoon time when its ready and when the work-work gives it the space to breathe. We had fresh rice paper rolls with chicken and home grown vegies and herbs, with a nice white wine after a hot day over here!

  10. thanks, ronnie. that old barn sustains
    absolutely, kaite
    fiona, what a yummy supper. my salad, however delicious, was easy to throw together, no cooking!

  11. work-work has a way of getting in the way of work, doesn't it? it's hard to know ahead of time, but sometimes the incubation pays off in unexpected ways.

  12. j&d, easy suppers and no cooking are fine by me


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