Saturday, October 15, 2011


i'm thinking hard about a project i have been asked to participate in
my part will be the papermaking. 
i'm a ruminator
especially in art work (but also in teaching)
i spend time thinking long before i start the making part.
or i spend time thinking about the kids
how i need to work with them
how i can be the best i am able to be.
 i like to see all points of view
 before i decide a thing
this leaf, i tried to photograph
on my windshield
i couldn't get either 
foreground or background focused
 i like to have clarity, if possible, 
 also the fall, the loss of leaves
 i can once again see the bones of the land
before the snows
hide all under their blanket
a clarity, of sorts


Valerianna said...

I want to paint the moon-leafscape...

Velma said...

valerianna, DO! (smile)

ronnie said...

Last night the moon was fat, luminous yellow/orange and covered by cloud whisps - it made me think of you V.....

(p.s. although I'm big on mulling things over I do my best thinking with my fingers....)

Cait Throop said...

Such delicacy of color, Velma! I feel a scarf design coming on!!! xo

Velma said...

ronnie, cool! and while i'm brewing, i'm always doing stuff-i just have to have time. hmmm...
cait, wow, i inspired you!

kaiteM said...

homage to leaves is good when you're about to lose them all - i can't imagine that.

Velma said...

kaite, it's sooo beautiful when bare

layers said...

One of my favorite snatch of poetry is from Czeslaw Milosz:
Not soon, as late as the approach of my ninetieth year, I felt a door opening in me and I entered
the clarity of early morning. You have found the beauty of that poem in your images and words.

aimee said...

the colors are ominous but sublime. so different from what i usually see. i love how the leaf just floats! and i love that you know enough to know you are a ruminator and honor that process. now i want to see cows.

Barry said...

V-love the idea of the bones of the trees. Fiona and I often talk about the trees being skinny and then fat in spring. In our household Fiona is the art planner and thinker - I tend to rush in a bit. Go well with the project. B

Velma said...

donna, thank you, i am astonished
aimee, birthday girl, you see those amazing colors. yuesterday was just like that, all day. cows cometh!
barry, more, it's the bones of the land, how one can in november and in march, sometimes see the actual structure of the land...the rest of the time it's covered in lush growth or lush snow.

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