Saturday, October 8, 2011


every morning breaks into day a tiny bit later 
 heavy frost visited this week
 i'm becoming a menace on the morning commute,
stopping, amazed, taking pictures
i don't have enough camera skill (or frankly time) to get good shots
but oh, so beautiful
yes, she's loping
and playing a little bit
between deep naps
two gifts, three books 
carol made an amazing memoir
of her experience of her dear friend's death
and the dyeing that sustained her through this time 
in the book she chronicles her making of another book 
about the dying
on dyed paper
stitched without thread, running dots
(blogger's photo thingie won't upload
aimee's photos-later, then)


aimee said...

omg! those of carol's, breathtaking. as usual, i wish i could have all of hers. as for you--i hardly would consider you a menace. it's a camera, not a gun! but, in some ways, i feel the same way when i go out into the wondrous world with that tool.

Valerianna said...

Beautiful. I'm smiling to see Wendy loping. So much... so much beauty.

And on a humorous note, my word V. word is "dogoni" ha!

onesmallstitch said...

beautiful sky, beautiful Wendy.Something has happened to my ability to leave comments on any "blogger" site. Wordpress says it is Bloggers fault but I think they are all playing the blame game, I have had to download another search engine and leave comments from there - very inconvenient!

DIAN said...

Those shots are lovely. Nature pics are always special regardless of time or skill.

Velma said...

aimee, it's my DRIVING while looking, and that morning i stopped and backed into an intersection...well, i knew it was ok, but still...
valerianna, yes, me, too. she still has a residual problem with the right hind, but it;s so much better
jean, i use safari...blogger gave me trouble today, too. sigh. it IS free...
dian, thank you, i wish i understood the camera a bit more.

Barry said...

V- exquisite light; and great to see Wendy gallivanting around. Go well. B

Velma said...

barry, what mornings, it's a bit hard to go to work, i'd rather just drive till i see something amazing and go for a walk

aimee said...

!!! I still read too fast for my own good. Now I understand! I always think of you superior shots while driving whenever I drive past sights myself (like clouds in ohio).

neki desu said...

great to see wendy horsing around!
and those amazing skies too.

Velma said...

aimee, i take lots of bizarre shots while driving, too!
neki, yes, and she's being a little ornery now, too! the wild skies promise surprises...this weekend has been warm-windows open at night!

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