Wednesday, March 21, 2012

fog and string and change

 on my way to first drop off the car for brake work
then to work work
i realized i couldn't manage
 i used the cell phone 
called in sick
and returned home (intestinal disorder)
 but not before i spotted the 
rising sun dancing with 
 ground fog 
and bare branches
 and corn stubble
 what a beginning to a day!
wish i could have given you 
a taste of the day:
birds; a weird summer morning
instead, in early spring
 then there was this:
over in the land of oz
india was making string
out of tea bag paper
 while i was walking wendy
with a handful of milkweed bast
harvested from the meadow
my fingers started to play with the fiber
as they often do, but not
when walking on the road
this little bit of synchronicity,
resting on pink alabama kozo 
tickles me no end. 
i can't spin while walking.
or so i thought
wendy waited for me
even for a photo,
but i can't spin and photograph simultaneously.
wendy and i say goodbye to the was cat. 
we will miss you.


aimee said...

omg, too beautiful! glad you took the day.

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

the color and the light is a tribute to "our" WAS. I have a cat that looks just like WAS so this touches me greatly. sweet remembering.

Velma said...

aimee, i had to! and it was beautiful, foggy, though much grayer this morning.
henrietta, was had a presence which will be much missed.

Nancy said...

WoW!!! What a glorious sunrise ans sendoff for Was! Just wow!

Sandra said...


I feel so sad for Jude. I have an idea, for I feel quite helpless, for she does so much for us and I would like to do something for her. So what if we all make a circle of lights for WAS and Jude? I lit a candle and put it on my blog. Perhaps we could all do this. As many people visit your blog will you help me spread the light? (please don't mention my blog, for it's for Jude and WAS)

Velma said...

nancy and sandra, i think i found the biggest candle of all!

iNd!@nA said...

twiddling and twining at either end of a very long piece of string
some of us can see it
others cannot

Velma said...

twisted sisters

onesmallstitch said...

stunning sunrise,-- oh, the colours. textured string so wabi sabi. Wendy is looking great. Hope you're feeling better, good to take a rest.

Velma said...

jean, just read that this stuff could also be menopause. i gathered up a big wodge of milkweed bast tonight, dreading the post-gathering tick hunt. all is well.

Sophie Munns said...

The photos are mind-blowing Velma....
good to come home when you know you must!

Heather said...

Strings connect us. Thanks for the gorgeous sunrise and milkweed magic.

handstories said...


Barry said...

V-there are testing times - but the beauty of nature as captured by you gives a little cal mess and as sense of peace amidst the challenges and sadness. Go well and be well. B

Velma said...

sophie, i was happy to be at home, unhappy to be sick, though i think i've figured it out.
yes, heather, thin or thick, silk or hemp, they do
hs, thank you
barry, this world is so damned amazing

neki desu said...

foggy beauty.
take care and enjoy a day away from work

Penny Berens said...

What a morning! But sorry you couldn't manage. Me too today, cancelling several things, staying close to home.
I made that string with India..loved doing it.

mansuetude said...

Amazing sunrise. The layered line and colors in your corn stubble images, absolute wonder-ful! Is the milkweed thread still silky?

hope u r better today.

Velma said...

neki, i really really feel better and am so happy i played with milkweed
penny, and now i know that this is menopause i can manage (and eat more yogurt) again.
mansuetude, i know--that corn stubble, the pics turned out so good!

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