Thursday, March 8, 2012

he did it!

 another convert to book making
our leather is all small
so we piece
he was cool with that limitation
 he wanted red pages
 and i use this wonderful old (but green) linen
i scored long ago
at a garage sale
 ties off with a big plastic button 
from my stash
he has poor skills, much enthusiasm 
and is proud as a peacock
as he should be
 in my yard 
two treasures
 an old piece of twill,
 old gramicci climbing pants
on the well pump
tattered, but not rotting
narcissi poking through on march 7
it was 62 degrees.
today a little cooler
tomorrow maybe a little snow.


deanna7trees said...

a fine book indeed.

aimee said...

yay! for the book, not the hot weather.

Velma said...

deanna and aimee, he did a good job on the was uphill work, but worth it.
--bad weather--er, weird weather--

Alice said...

Jolly book, I love it. The piecing gives it lots more character, and the red pages are perfect.

onesmallstitch said...

a real treasure, the book and it's makers pleasure.

Velma said...

alice, he did a fine job.
jean, he is so into journaling now, loves dan eldon's work, i have no doubt he will fill this up.

Ms. said...

Looks like quality work to me, uphill or down.....and oh the finds are precious, the new growth poking through, profound.

Velma said...

worth it, i think!

Valerianna said...

Wonderful book! And love the tatters... and daffodils? Oh my....

Velma said...

v, these are the tiny pheasant eye narcissi, my favorites.

neki desu said...

the button adds a "he" touch to the perfect stitching. wish i had his another gift to you narcissi!

Velma said...

he was SO into this, you should have seen the concentration (tongue sticking out, etc!)

Fiona Dempster said...

I think the book is fantastic and something to be proud of - for both of you. What a stunner! And the hope of Spring...

Velma said...

fiona, more hope today--

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