Tuesday, March 13, 2012

north country shifu

shifu page from an artists' book
 shifu, north country style
has been a passion, 
a focus 
for me the last few years
shifu and slippery elm and indigo cover
weaving simply
sometimes including bark and sometimes indigo
 and making shifu into covers or
as in the first photo
the pages itself
well, it's an amazingly versatile
way to make 
a book, a cloth, a coat, a story
india has posted 
a little piece on my trip to australia.
come along over to see
and we'll do it. shifu.
in the ecotone.


roz said...

love the indigo and bark and ..
getting closer huh !

onesmallstitch said...

love the shifu, the bark and the indigo. sounds like a marvellous, diverse group of workshops. are you partaking as well as teaching?

Velma said...

roz, anticipation...i love slippery elm, too.
jean, me, too, and i will if i can manage it!

Valerianna said...

Ha... good stuff... and had a bunch of those gossipy crows around today, and a few ravens, far off.
Spring, eh?

Velma said...

and robins and blackbirds and osprey and killdeer, haven't heard the woodcock yet, though.

Lynn said...


Velma said...

lynn, thank you!

neki desu said...

very partial to the indigo shifu combo!

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

oh my...I so want to learn how to spin paper. I so want to touch your cloth....someday may. Just wonderful

Penny Berens said...

Oh, such yummy weaving.
Need to come and take a class...can't go all the way to Australia!

jude said...

i dyed some blue paper today

Velma said...

neki, nice isn;t it?
henrietta, maybe i will get to chicago to do a class sometime--
penny, i'm ready to visit!
jude, wow!!!

Penny said...

Oh Velma, I would love to be in Melbourne when you nare there, but a close friends 70th calls us to Queensland at that time. Have a wonderful trip.

blandina (aracne) said...

Dear Velma, the cover with elm and indigo just cut my breath, rarely have I seen anything so beautiful and so inspiring.
When you go around the world to teach classes, PLEASE do not forget to stop in Italy.

Velma said...

penny, 70th, wow. would have loved to work withyou!
blandina, thankyou, this book really worked well. italy, well, sure!

Jacky said...

I love the combination of the indigo and bark in your weaving...
Jacky xox

Velma said...

thank you, jacky, they work well and the slippery elm is so malleable.

Susan said...

Fine weaving! Australia--is on the other side of the world. What a fantastic trip you've planned

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