Saturday, March 3, 2012

great blue heron

well, penny, s/he's back! 
friday afternoon.


mansuetude said...

ah ha! there she is, she used to live over here. " )

( thought the hurricane took her out to sea )

Velma said...

maybe, s/he was away only a few weeks this winter.

Marilla said...

I almost drove into the St. Lawrence yesterday trying to decide if I could be seeing a blue heron. Now I know it is possible. Thanks, Velma. :)

leFiligree said...

what a special bird!

ArtPropelled said...

Icey toes .... and tail.

blandina (aracne) said...

This heron looks so proud and free...I feel good just looking at him.

Velma said...

marilla, the st lawrence is NOT good to drive into...maybe friday was the first shipment back?!
lF, i was happy to spot it again
robyn, boggles the mind how it can endure this
blandina, yes, i agree

jude said...

i love how we get closer and closer

Velma said...


mansuetude said...

You'll just have to give her a hot bath, brush her hair, and send her down on the bus. :)

perhaps she senses a good soul lives about that there part of world.

Velma said...

well, i'm thinking i'm keeping her here!

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