Sunday, July 15, 2012

back in my body

i'm feeling like last night's long normal rest
has placed me back in my body again.
there was a real disjunction
and a hemisphere and 9000 miles (give or take)
and back home to the foothills
 wild grapevine, the ultimate opportunist
 wendy chased this one...and it returns
dawn and dusk
enjoying cut grass in the yard 
 drunken bale
 this composition reminds me of nigel peake's drawing
 and around
 i thought it was another bird, but it's not
 under the bird
 hot ears during early morning walks
 there is high summer happening!


Valerianna said...

Welcome home to your body... I'm slowly re-entering mine. Its taking time.

ronnie said...

even when I just go a few kms and a few days away it takes me a while to reset..... I'm just such a homebody I suppose!

enjoy the summer

Penny Berens said...

Travel is very discombobulating! Relax, breathe, enjoy Wendy, reclaim your world.

onesmallstitch said...

so glad you are back in your body- love that word "discombobulating" but not the feeling, as always your pictures are wonderful.

Velma said...

valerie, i want to be settled, already!
ronnie, me, too, in spite of loving travel
penny, wendy is grounding
jean, thanks, and maybe i'll feel properly connected now

Long Ridge Farm said...

as we canted in the 60s
Be Here Now.
welcome back!

neki desu said...

good to be back in your body eh? and your landscape seems to be greeting you

Jennifer said...

I so know that feeling of reentering your body. I only went from Connecticut to London and am still adjusting to the 5 hour time difference coming home [4 days later]. You, my dear, changed seasons even! Mind boggling!

Welcome back.

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi V - the weird out of body travel sensations are one of the prices we pay for experience aren't they? Glad things are settling and I can tell how good fit is to be home!

Velma said...

nancy, i am SO here, i think!
neki, the land is amazing
jennifer, your trip was so quick, your soul is just catching up! me-well, two good night's sleeping have made a world of difference.
fiona, i loved oz, and i love home. it's all so sweet, this life.

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