Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a final treat for me

 i spent two days at the end of my visit
stitching with roz hawker
 whose amazing work you see
 we were alchemists,
 all seven of us
 dyeing and stitching
 and peacefully
 making marks
i say good bye to australia
hello to home starting today.
an enormous thank you to my hosts
marion and elephant at beautiful silks.
and to my lovely
and staff at beautiful silks.
this place is very special.


onesmallstitch said...

what wonderful marks you have made - and left behind.

india flint said...

and [as i'm sure Roz mentioned] that green was special
gathered from stuff serendipitously pre-harvested by hooligans
brewed for 24 hours prior to your class

magic at work.

Valerianna said...

Great trip, you must be FULL! Safe travels home and may you get a good slobber from Wendy!!

ronnie said...

you little alchemistress you!

aimee said...

already?! it went so quickly. but so rich!

Long Ridge Farm said...

the northern hemisphere and a very special pup are winging you home!

neki desu said...

can't say it better than jean.

Velma said...

jean, yes, i keep saying it, but it's true. i am lucky, indeed.
india, special green. yes. hooligans, too!
valerie, i am longing for her!
ronnie, me???!
aimee, it was a wrinkle in time, really.
nancy, wendy! i am in la and what a horror show this airport is!
neki, grins.

mansuetude said...

enjoyed your photos and journey.

may all your planes WAIT for you, and carry you gently home.

Carol P said...

Travel safely Velma. It was a pleasure and a privelege to spend a while with you at Beautiful Silks. I hope it's not too long before we see you again!


Velma said...

m, the journey home was much easier!
carol, likewise! i hope to return.

papergail said...

Sorry I missed you Velma, I believe I was winging my way south while you were heading north, heard glowing reports about your class.

Fiona Dempster said...

Hope you are home safe and sound - it looks like a wonderful way to finish of your whirlwind south of the equator.

Velma said...

gail, yours is a name i've heard for years! and we missed connecting...next time for sure!
fiona, it was lovely, oz is amazing and i am so happy i got to see it a little. next time, more land!

Judy Martin said...

What a trip you have had.

You will now be able to let these new things settle in - all those rocks and kangaroos and that amazing stitching and dyeing -

I look forward to seeing what comes next.


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