Sunday, July 22, 2012

paper from place

deckle edges
making paper
from the land,
at long ridge farm,
is coming up
august 3,4, & 5
and nancy tells me there's room
for more students.
i'm excited about making paper
from the land 
and making a book or two
to see how beautiful plant papers
show themselves off.
tiny moulds
you'll go home
with a stack of paper,
a book or two,
and the knowledge
to make paper by yourself.
a whole bag of tricks.
tall stack of papers
join us at one of the 
most beautiful spots in new hampshire
(yes, really),
i'm beginning to put the mill in order
to travel in the outback
across champ's pond, then
to brattleboro, 
then new hampshire and long ridge farm.
where nancy is playing 
with sheep and color.
and soon,
brand new sheet


Valerianna said...

Ooo... have a great time and be sure to wave as you pass western Mass!

ronnie said...

next time we lure you to oz maybe we can get you making some paper in this land? mmmmmmm yummy!

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

deleted my last note because of typo!
sigh, someday, one of these days, i'll be able to come out a play too. joy to the group for sure. the moulds look so nice a fresh and ready.

Ms. said...

If I could I would. it just looks spectacular. I'll be up in Western Massachusetts for two weeks starting August 9th, but no workshops.

india flint said...

those moulds look beautifully crafted. enjoy the lovely woods...

blandina (aracne) said...

I wish I could be there, the workshop seems fascinating.
Beautiful pictures of the paper.

Lynn said...

I'm dangerously close to a drool, looking at those stacks of paper.

neki desu said...

i'd love to be there. too bad it won't happen, at least for a while :(

Velma said...

valerie, of course...
ronnie, papermaking in oz = delightful!
henrietta, this will be fun!
ms, should be a good exploration
india, made by the wonderful lee mcdonald, they are divine.
blandina, thank you!
lynn, no one can see you, so go ahead.
neki, next time perhaps

Long Ridge Farm said...

I am honored to host you, good woman! it will be a treat.

onesmallstitch said...

I'll be there in spirit - have a wonderful time on the land. post us lots of pictures.

Velma said...

nancy, hoping for lots of pulp and happiness!
jean, i will try!

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