Friday, July 6, 2012


 off the stump
 rebekah's ancient textile
 almost ready to remove
 marks on cut lokta
 slit and tab binding exemplar

 the other end of the table
 almost ready to end
 another stump
 and another
 resting from structure #3
 weaving on cardboard
 another variation
 and another
 and another
and another 
 yes, another
 dyed lokta
 fingers in tune with the web
 new beginning

 aki's notes
 old military linen weft
 a few knots are just fine
 one walnut dip
 turkish spindle ball
 needle weaving
 nifty long sample
 lokta on silver threads
 a little pod shape
lovely tapestry
thank you all 
two classes, six days
several book structures 
(thanks to hedi, alisa, aimee)
lots of paper textiles
one happy teacher


Jacky said...

Velma this all looks so exciting and so interesting. The weaving especially appeals.

Hope you are enjoying your time in Australia. A beautiful sunny weekend coming up...chilly, but the sunshine is wonderful.

Jacky xox

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

such a treasure of a journey that these images reveal. one can almost hear the silence of thought in the room. the new touches and sensual expression going and coming through the hands. really beautiful work - you should be proud/happy/revived. safe travels.

Nancy said... all looks so wonderful :)

Velma said...

jacky, today in melbourne is like a brilliant october day in the north country.
henrietta, it was quiet and intense in a very good way.
nancy, it was a very good class.

Long Ridge Farm said...

wonderful to have watched the progression.
it is amusing to see fingerless mitts and scarves while up here we are sweltering away.
hold you breath for re-entry!
enjoy the coolth

aimee said...

wonderful magic! SO happy for your happiness.

ronnie said...

oooooo ahhhhhhh (sigh)

ps I bought paper twine while I was off teaching in mittagong.... so of course I thought of you ;~)

Velma said...

nancy, i shudder to think of the shock i am about to receive!
thanks, aimee
ronnie, oh, my...

Valerianna said...

Inspiring collection!! And we're on opposite ends - I was in Florida for two weeks.... hot and impossiby humid, especially for my constitution that doesn't mind snowshoeing in 20 degrees, didn't feel that bad when I got off the plane yesterday at 85 and not that humid. Happy re-entry to you!!

onesmallstitch said...

oh how fantastic - their minds must be whirling and their fingers numb. hope you have energy left.

Velma said...

valerie, it's mid winter here and people are cold and really uncomfortable, but it's october weather for us north country folks. i look forward to some heat, and black raspberries!
jean, i have energy and am very content

Penny Berens said...

Oh my goodness, Velma, wish I could have been there.

neki desu said...


Velma said...

penny, me, too
neki, it was so great

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