Wednesday, July 18, 2012

settling, now

 i look through dyed shifu
into the sky
where a spruce and a maple 
take up air space
and this morning
i'm threading heddles
guarded by my best friend
a long warp on my little loom
cotton for shifu
 surrounded by the heat of northern summer
the colours of australia
 tiny packets of threads
from roz's class
 and my little hidey sack
how they look in the mottled summer light
this flax paper is waiting
my working into it's strong surface
 a few things to think about
high summer


Ms. said...

Lovely looking in on your industrious moment...high Summer moment...blessed indeed.

Alice said...

Ah, a nice long warp. Happy days to come. And I've peeked at your book selection - A Naturalist Buys an Old Farm is a book I loved so much. The others look interesting too.

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

ah, i've been to teal's was quite a wonderful journey - very peaceful to walk around there and envy the life to be had - such as your's. the loom and all those treasure you've put out - must be wonderful to touch. if you've not been to teal's house - take a ride, it too is a hidden treasure.

Penny Berens said...

And of course Wendy has to be there right in the midst of it all!

Valerianna said...

Your last words nailed it... I know I am blessed, I just haven't gotten ANYTHING done this week in the heat. Well, except rest. Guess I needed that, too!

Velma said...

ms, yes, blessed.
alice, only 5 yards or's been years since i read teal, and this one is new to me
henrietta, wonderful that you visited his place, lots to touch here, especially a black and white furry one.
penny, underfoot barely describes her
valerie, we all need recovery time, that's what i'm up to-in 12 hours it'll be one week since i got home. (and the heat has been hard)

jo said...

those little parcels of yarn from Roz's class look so beautiful - real little Aussie gems - will be interested to see what you do with them!

ronnie said...

some real threads across the ocean (and interweb threads too) .... lovely colours.... I can feel your summer (even though my fingers are freezing as I type)

Velma said...

jo, i put them on that piece of flax paper and oh, my, luscious!
ronnie, today it's milder with a lovely breeze...a day of good.

roz said...

those packets of threads do look sweet and remind me of the conversation we had in class about going to the corner store for a mixed lolly we did back in the old days !

i am sure you have a bag of musk flavour there, and maybe some spearmint, and probably some eucalytus flavour too huh!

mansuetude said...

enchanted by those little bags with thread. and your books.

our stormy evenings have brought in some cooler air. but some storm it b. woo. mother nature be a bit upset out there?

india flint said...

so tempted to be warping up too
know it will distract me from other preparations
the trouble with weaving
is that it is

Christine said...

These photos make me happy. I need it today. Heat, steam, and OH the flax paper. I have a collection from the Morgan...

onesmallstitch said...

oh, oh the weaving looks like it will be interesting. love those little bags of goodies,treasures all by themselves. can't wait to see where you're going with them.

Velma said...

roz, yes, memory. how it moves us and spins such a thread holding us together. maybe if humans and specially powerful political and corporate humans remembered their threads we'd be better off.
m., goodie bags. and why wouldn't m. nature be upset with us???
indie, siren songs have nothing on loom music. looms will wait. mine do.
christine, oh, the morgan. i want to be there.
jean, i feel the same way, no idea yet, but trusting.

over the rainbow said...

Wow Velma.......I just read your OZ much fun! Beautiful pics...and so nice to see familiar faces......

Velma said...

otr, the web is woven by threads of friendship. i loved oz. (and the friends.)

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