Sunday, July 1, 2012

in the ecotone

in the ecotone 
 before class i took a walk around beautiful silks
this grid construction
struck me as woven
some insects for the melbourne winter
 signage to keep us found
 the spinners, 
making inroads with spindles, lokta, the bobbin winder
 a long skinny table
spinning in the dye kitchen
 the name tags are for me
 naomi, from the shop,
spins away
this is one focused 
and hard working group.
origami books and spinning
day one


Ms. said...

The wall markings in Melbourne are so accomplished...and the working group looks wonderfully engaged.

Velma said...

m, they are all terrific

aimee said...

yay!!! i saw a real hummingbird today, thought of you. love!

neki desu said...

great grafitti.such concentration from the sudents!

Barry said...

V-sounds like you are having a ball - good for you and your students. Go well and enjoy. B

Velma said...

aimee, my hummers back home are probably puzzled that their feeder is empty--
neki, the grafitti is way cool!
barry, it's great!

onesmallstitch said...

keep on living in the ecotone- looks like it's altogether too much fun. I'm going to have to get some lokta

Velma said...

jean, you could try a little's "crisper" than the lovely kozo you're used to.

Anonymous said...

love the sign-

Velma said...

yeah, glennis, if only i "read" metric!

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