Wednesday, December 26, 2012

after christmas, before big snow

so they say, it's coming

 a bit more snow
will be welcome
i must sort out my skis 
 get them ready
 the light is still low and thin
late in the morning and early in the afternoon
did solstice really come?
 streams are icing now
 and wendy welcomed hannah
for a visit
a neighbor readied for christmas
with four elongated horses
decked out for the season


  1. Wendy has love eyes with Hannah. I know what you mean about solstice, it seems "different" this year.

    We're gathering our shovels and taking showers today, cause they say around here it will turn to sleet and rain :( yuck - which might mean we're cooking on the woodstove and flusing with buckets. Oh well, a little adventure for Dad's visit, and luckily NOT on his travelling day!

  2. Love that picture of the top of Hannah's head, with the swirls of her hairdo. Would be fun to draw it.

  3. valerie, i'm wendy's "job" but she "adores" hannah. we're waiting for BIG SNOW (lake effect) tonight. hope you and dad have a good adventure.
    alice, i hadn't seen that, thanks. maybe i will try!

  4. Red barn white snow happy puppy. All Good Things.


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