Saturday, December 1, 2012


 rear view on the way to work
on the way home
 the unexpected
 not a buggy today, 
but a boat called 
too long
 snow on a happy nose
 hill road field
moons on book pages


  1. The way to work certainly is different to your end of day images! Love the moon pages Velma.
    ow I have ventured further and discovered your birthday which i'd missed and that amazing moon! Many Happy Birthday returns to you ..... to you!
    ...and then the wonderful concertina book with your poem 'no songs but crickets'. This was so exciting to see... the first of many i hope!
    Hip hip hurray!

  2. silence, noise, noise, noise, soft love, silence, calm - captions captured in your day

  3. sophie, the poems now like to live in other formats but who knows. th elast few have been in limp vellum bindings or pamphlets. thanks you for that feedback, and th ebirthday wishes!
    henrietta, you might get hired for captioning at this rate!!!

  4. I call all boats I see dragged behind enormous vehicles 'half-a-mortgage'--- can't quite get my head around the fact that some folk have all that money to spend on a thing for recreation that costs more a house...

  5. ronnie, i like too long=too expensive. this is a rather small boat for the st. lawrence river. i thought it was funny in the snow.

  6. Lookin' wintry... snow on nose is especially cute. Old Pasha cat didn't love the cold this morning ( 20 degrees) and was in and out and following me around meowing like a bored 8 year old!

  7. I think I know this boat driver (ha, ha). back when Jack and I had a boat (not a mortgage type) for a few years and we got it out of the CT River and winterized. when we picked it up at the boat marina we hit a miserable snow storm and had to get south to the farm at about 10 mph the whole way. and Jack's windshield wipers decided to fail as we set out. too much.
    love the silence today's snow brought us here in the north...

  8. Velma those moons are beautiful...and I love seeing all the snow covered fields (I dont think I'd enjoy those icy roads though; take care).

    Jacky xox

  9. valerie, wasn't it wintry, indeed?!!
    nancy, oh, that boat looked so weird in the snow! though i have pulled a loaded horse trailer in snow. the name made me chuckle, too long!
    jacky, you get used to them!

  10. Smiling at snow on happy nose .... and Henrietta's comment.

  11. neki, it's 54 miles round trip. gets old, if beautiful.


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