Friday, November 30, 2012

first, listen

this is my first artists book, 
no songs but crickets.
as i was thinking about posting this morning 
this photo appeared
and i thought
why not?


  1. Good morning. Fun book. and crickets and songs ( or lack thereof) remind me of that amazing recording of cricket songs slowed down. I'm assuming you've heard it? Like Gregorian chanting? Hope your day is inspiring....

  2. valerie, you are an amazing resource--gregorian crickets! no, my experience has only been with august crickets the ones who sing the changes of summer.

  3. wow... how wonderful. I did one. way back. In school. You made me remember. I wonder who has it?. maybe MoM.

  4. i think this one is 1985 or thereabouts. the dark ages!

  5. a wonderful way to celebrate a new year - remembering.

  6. First? Congratulations! It's a delightful book and I am totally envious that you made it. I've been yearning to make artists books for the longest time, but have yet to actually even start one. One day...

  7. henrietta, you're right, that's exactly what i was up to, and i didn't even realize it. thanks!
    jennifer, this one just HAD to happen, and so it did.

  8. then and now. interesting to see the how has the path unfolded.

  9. neki, yes, sometimes i think i;m doing NEW stuff...but am i?


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