Saturday, November 17, 2012


friday evening
 the decaying corpse
of a raccoon from last summer
someone made a tiny golden offering
north country boro!


  1. north country boro - good practical stuff.

  2. india, indeed. i walk past that carcass daily, and the gold surprised me.

  3. Im dressed about like that today (sweatpants vs. jeans) safety pin holding sleeve together... northcountry work clothes - off to the dump, and to help a friend do some work.

  4. trace wrote this:
    Lately I have been dyeing bones, I wrap them with leaves and string or wool and pop them in the dyepot they come up beautiful I will take a pic today and put them up on the blog. That racoon would be mighty fine in a new cloak of colour. Very La Loba.

  5. the juxtaposition of the corpse with it's kernel of corn--a last meal tribute--and the boro'd work clothes having a new life--those elements together: an epic journey, a visual short story.

  6. ms., i like where you take the story

  7. i need to see this dyed bones idea--it sounds right up my alley!

    im liking the layered theme here: critter adding a kernel to a critter, patches layered on tears and thin spots, people's ideas layering too

  8. joni, do you know trace's site--soewn earth? i might try it out, but mostly save bones to make folders and tools with.


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