Thursday, November 8, 2012

where paper travels

 these worlds within worlds
pattern and color
abaca and other fibers
abaca, silk, kozo, cotton 
on the work table
an egg-moon
some strange colors on green daylily paper
all daylily
tiny, crisp when wet
drying like a patternless seersucker 
and i made a bad moon
shifu piece
the lokta shifu is tiny,
but strong
as it dries into a cycle
of november, a sphere
my month, the one i love 
for many reasons, 
perhaps the strongest 
is that now,
now and in march,
i see the bones of the land.


  1. oooo I wish I could tell you how much i love all these pics -- 'i swoons for moons' xxx

  2. Terrific, your work is so intense in very many ways.

  3. I agree with Neki...simply breathtaking...especially that bad moon.

  4. Very woolly paper, the first one, Velma. All these markings, they come from underground, they are like those that come up from underground, or from the air around us. All habitable.
    I like your bad moon. The world would not be complete without a bad moon.
    Oh, we are made of so much, aren't we, however simple we think we are; we all of us go back to the beginning, to the great clashes and breathings of an Origin.

  5. ronnie, well that's just lovely!
    thanks, deanna
    blandina, i like that word, intense, very much. thank you
    neki and jennifer, wow, thanks
    faisal, those first two sheets are very soft, but very strong (abaca). i love that you say they come from underground. so beautiful!

  6. can't wait to see what you do with all that wonderful paper (I love Faisal's description). is the earthly moon a ghost from another world? I have to try some lokta

  7. I love November, too... and October - seeing the bones of the land and trees is good, and the skies are so often amazing!

  8. jean, yes, me too! i like the moon ghost!
    valerie, yes about the sky.

  9. V- the tiny bad moon is something special. B

  10. my hens are laying...egg moon it is!
    November is the best month.
    good work Velma.

  11. thanks, barry
    nancy, yay for your girls! and november, very good!

  12. The colors, so intense and earthy. That bottom photo...I just want to weave a few random threads through it. Maybe red. Or mid-dark forest green. Maybe the bright blue of a Fall sky...or the purple of a dream.
    Beautiful work Velma.

  13. nancy, all those colors will work...the dyeing lately IS intense and earthy.

  14. This is really a beautiful post. I love that bad moon. I feel the same way about November (as it is also "my month")...esp seeing "the bones of the land" true!--Julie

  15. julie, i bet you're on the scorpio side of november--i'm a sag. and thank you for your words. in the lush northern forest, seeing the deep structure makes me happy.


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