Monday, November 12, 2012

a book and an apron

 carol at warwick press sent me this
her newest book
one of a series 
this one about dyeing
and living, too.
 i LOVE carol's drawings
maybe because i've felt this way
more than once.
this book is very special.
 and i'm proud to be the maker of the endpapers
some daylily and canada thistle papers
flew to warwick press
(do you know how crazy wonderful it is 
to be part of another artists work?)
 i know how silly i am
 to love this new apron
stripey linen with nice criss-cross
straps in the back
that are never going to come untied!
i'm going to try to 
copy the structure,
change the contours a bit,
and see where it takes me.
it doesn't haul on my neck one bit!
for you who have asked,
here's ian's work at bullseye


  1. Love the drawing, too. And the apron looks great!!
    I have a wonderful studio arpon made by "Utility" I think it is... can't say enough about it, really, the only apron that I get excited about.

  2. valerie, i have until now eschewed aprons, despite trying many. carols duck's are my favorite characters!

  3. love the drawing - oh how I can relate to it! the pictures of you - and the apron-are great but think you should put it on backwards so we can see the straps!

  4. jean, i had no one to photo me, but i could try that!

  5. gads but I marvel sometimes at the weird synchronicity of things --- I am presently fiddling with cotton drill to make a cross over apron - I've been looking at versions online for over a year and trying to figure out how to make something suitable for myself.... love your stripey version!

  6. i love that crossover thing...i must be mad but i couldn't make sense of it until i'd seen the thing which is simple and elegant.

  7. I like the delicate colours in the drawing. I have an apron I wear when I'm sewing. I plan to make another. It takes me back to seeing my grandmother in hers, except hers looked more like a wrapover dress without sleeves in a tiny flowery print.

  8. wendy, the drawing is so very carol j blinn! i haven't sewn clothing in so very long, that i am reluctant to say i can make one...but i can. like the proverbial riding a bicycle.

  9. forgot to say Ian's work is fabulous - I love his houses

  10. jean, proud mom thanks. he calls them hoosies, apt, i think. i love how he made it 3-d and won two first places, too!

  11. Beautiful apron...I love a good apron and I like the sound of one that doesnt pull on your neck!

    How exciting to have made the end papers for your friends book...must be a special feeling.

    Jacky xox

  12. yes, jackie, a good friend AND a good apron!

  13. Oh I do like that Apron and its most becoming. the book projects looks and sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

  14. sophie, i'm ridiculously pleased by this apron!


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