Sunday, November 11, 2012


 my weekend involved many moons
exploring shape on daylily paper
one crisp, one leathery
 odd things on roads
(asking them to move)
or moving them about
and trying (not so far)
to remember to collect 
some of these (one source in town)
to make pulp.


  1. ha! many moons! been that long since i was here.

  2. well, i've made many with you in my thoughts!

  3. A cow with attitude. Excellent.

  4. alice, a feisty heifer, look at them horns!

  5. the leaf is such a beautiful colour. Interesting to see the paper once you've made it.

  6. robyn, there are only two gingkos in town as far as i know. that paper is a few years old, made from daylily leaves, then just last week ecodyed with a variety of late plants, and resist/mordants of metal. dyeing fragile papers is a challenge!

  7. what do you like about ginko pulp? We used to have ginko trees outside of our building at school. Used to pick them up for their great shape. Some storm took those. Now other trees with amazing colored leaves in fall, have no idea what they are. Ice storm last year took most of them :(

  8. valerie, ginko are i think the only tree leaves usable for pulp. they have LOTS of fiber in them (look closely at them) i haven't yet made the paper, only pulp (gin petty loves it, though)

  9. I have a small ginko tree, grown from a seed, brought from Japan - they are VERY slow growing. maybe many moons from now there will be enough leaves to make pulp. There is one old street in the city planted with huge ginko.

  10. jean, how cool that you brought yours from japan!


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