Monday, November 5, 2012

VOTE, and a walk

yep, i'm affirming that one
 snowflakes on wendy, 
who moves when i take out the camera
and place it between us.
 a few large round bales
 a few more
these things are massive
 how the kozo takes the dye
circles in places
 more places
and some interesting pattern repeats.
the paper dries so much lighter
it surprises me, even though i know better
after all these years of making paper.
a dozen sheets.


  1. ooh,snow?? love the paper, the last one looks like a body x-ray in technicolour.

  2. the pages and paper and wendy all look fabulous. the snowflakes - not so much. I heard that there is to be a nor'easter passing through - my thoughts turned to our friends hopeful that yet again the passage is more gentle then not. nature can make beautiful things but it can also turn on a hard edge...rally.

  3. jean, it's been spitting snow more frequently, but HERE, no cover, can't wait to see this batch dry
    henrietta, i love snow, and hope for good cover and lots of skiing! may the storm be not too much. the coast has had enough.
    valerie, very dark shot, but it's pretty nifty all the same.

  4. I like the repetition of circles - in field and on paper....

  5. those snowflakes looked like tiny seagulls
    which makes me wonder
    what happens to them in big storm events

  6. ronnie, yes, the keep appearing, somehow
    india, my nephew, the birder, was excited about sandy because there might be interesting birds brought onshore by the big winds.

  7. the paper is wonderful.
    i did vote , i hope everyone did .

  8. kathy, thanks you, and i'm very glad you did

  9. aw, soft flakes on fluffy fur: so sweet!

    i voted although our polls were still open while the winner was announced. living in a time zone on the far edge of the continent makes it hard to feel like our votes matter.

  10. oh, that has to be rude of the lower 48.


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