Saturday, December 22, 2012

snow and fiber

 it's been snowing all day--
unamed seed fiber from sandy
 and this evening, 
as i stepped into the shower
my leg registered shock.
hot water heater is whacked.
after annoyance,
 i am immediately chagrined 
at my arrogance. i have hot running water
most times,
will have again tomorrow or monday.
not so for so many folks in the world.
in this darkest time
i am startled into remembering
all my blessings.
hot water.
and mostly family.


  1. Oh, that is a shock... when we lose power for a long time, I definitely think of all the very many comforts in this part of the world for many, and the lack elsewhere. I have a friend who has a foundation to dig wells for villages in Burkina Faso, Africa. They just completed their first well not too long ago. Amazing. The next area on their list is for a place where women and girls walk 5 or 6 miles a day for clean water. Imagine?

    what a GREAT photo of Wendy, I LOVE it. Such a sweet and loving face.

  2. growth, wisdom, friendship, seeds of more to come...and the face of one who will stay no matter which way the winds turn...the seeds look like a blanket - as those the seeds were forming their own little webs of protection...and wendy know more then she will ever tell...

  3. valerie, your well diggers are doing huge good, for sure. she stood long on the stoop, face to the wind and snow, loving the weather, as always.
    henrietta, wendy continues to love the winter. no more loping through the deep snow, for sure, but her love of snow is still deep.

  4. I have been scrolling down and looking at all your snow images.. heartwarming to see such beautiful imagery after so much sad news this past week. Lets hope for a happier new year.

  5. donna, you are right, and i hadn't realized it, but i am taking solace in the beautiful snow.

  6. wendy is looking quite perky in this pic - which reminds me how grateful I am for our furry family members as well as the upright ones... xx

  7. to be thankful has such power

  8. ronnie, this border collie LOVES snow!
    roz, exactly right

  9. Gratitude works.
    I am always filled with calm when I visit you here. The photo of Wendy is gorgeous. Blessings for the new year.


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