Friday, August 13, 2010

color and text(ure)

these are naturally dyed kozo papers, a gift from wendy from the japanese paper place, that i have out to use, or at least to think about as i step forward into making shifu. 
it's a book, says mark. i want you to show it to my students.
i went to town today to the slu library to look at a book by mark mcmurray of caliban press and archivist at the library. this is what i went looking for:
it's called  
illustrated by tim ely.
i went to look at this book, to talk with mark a little about the papermaking class he asked me to teach to his history of artists' books class, and to go on to the farmer's market. what i found out was that tim was his binding teacher in the 80s.
andrea (with lovely toenails) and marilla and their wheels, just back from two workshops, nuno felt in massachuetts, and spinning in harrisville. i'm no fan of felt, but this stuff has lovely drape and hand, and reminds me of the cloak of india's i wore.
color feasts, pale in kozo, richest in silk
and huge in sky, and i'm guessing, paint on letterpress.


T said...

beautiful subtle tones and texture in the kozo. Thanks for sharing the book, the pen and ink and paint is amazing.


Fiona Dempster said...

Beautiful sky, beautiful paper, beautiful book!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

I've just wandered over to your blog from my friend Kaite's in Australia. It's lovely and I read right back to where you visited Toronto for India Flint's lecture. Unfortunately, I didn't make it. Your blog is lovely reading and your books are inspiring. I confess that I've been wanting to try making one, but don't really know where to start. What do you recommend? Besides buying some lovely paper from The Japanese Paper Place, of course! My email address is amdesaulniers(at)rogers(dot)com. BTW, The brackets and words are an attempt to foil the spammers. Thanks!

Deb G said...

All so beautiful. There is so much in this world to explore...

Joei Rhode Island said...

Natural neutrals in paper...very nice.
Lovely pictures of the sky.....goes very well with the felt...of which I am a *big* fan. =-)

Velma said...

the colors are colours, are they not??? that spelling looks so much richer.

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