Wednesday, August 25, 2010

radio bob and full moon

i was listening to radio bob and trying to make up my mind whether or not go visit my friend tomorrow. maybe. probably. meanwhile i had a few things to see to.
another bunch of felts that i washed yesterday didn't make it. this is wool blanketing. always clean your papermaking equipment. i'm still not done, though close now.
i finished up the morgan portfolio of paper samples, and made a rustic running stitch border to stitch it together, rather than just a fold or gluing. 
it's on the way this afternoon, as are two books for another show. now i have to shift gears and think about stuff to complete, future ideas, the fall show, another possibility or two, and teaching papermaking in a couple of weeks, here. hannah leaves for grad school. next monday the wandering bookbinders will be in canton at mark's history of book arts class. oh, and back to work next week. did i mention that?


aimee said...

YUMMY set of papers for cleveland! they are so lucky! much fancier than i had thought for the folder. yay for shooting the full moon; ben has been looking at it in afghanistan. i bet he sees the moon a lot more than i do back in urban life. i told him stories about you and bats in the house today and he enjoyed them (only b/c he wasn't the one chasing them around!).

Storycloth said...

Fantastic reminder of the beautiful full moon last night. Gilly

T said...

Phew, just as well the days are long over there.


neki desu said...

beautiful and intriguing the last photo.

jude said...

i love that, wandering bookbinders....and of course that the day job was an afterthought. ha!

Velma said...

i like that ben and i are looking at the SAME moon. why can't the powerful ones moon watch for peace?

neki-my well pump

jude-isn't it supposed to be that way?!

Bonnie K said...

I miss radio bob's voice and humor!

Love the colors of that well pump!

Velma said...

"it's the radio bob show!" i remember the first shows. i hated it!

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